Widowhood Is Not Funny

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Attention! New e-book now available!

Widowhood Is Not Funny now available!

First of all, a great big thank you to everyone who reads my blog; I sincerely hope it's been of help to other widows out there. And second, I'm happy to announce that my book Widowhood Is Not Funny is now available for purchase on Lulu.com, as an e-book, so it's an instant download.

If you've found the blog to be of help, I hope you'll consider purchasing a copy of my book for yourself or for a friend going through this journey of grief. There is no need to go on this journey alone; there are others who have been through this loss and understand. Widowhood Is Not Funny is intended as a guidebook to help you through the stages of grief and on to a brand new life. The future can be bright and there is joy to be found when you get to the other side.

I hope you'll consider purchasing a copy of my book at:

As always feedback is desired and appreciated; by all means let me know how the book has helped you and how you're doing in your own journey. I'm here if you want to talk, so leave me a post or email me at: widow_to_widow@yahoo.com

Thanks again,

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