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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Have You Lost Your Zest for Life?

Do you feel as if you've lost your zest for life? It's not really lost, just misplaced temporarily. Sometimes, it peeks out at you at odd moments, and then disappears again, before you can get your fingers around it. If you were normally an ebullient person before this loss, it's especially hard to function some days. It feels like you didn't just lose your husband, but yourself as well. You hardly recognize that woman in the mirror; she's so sad all the time and never seems to smile or laugh anymore.

So, what should we do about regaining our zest for life? Some women feel guilty for giving in to those joyful moments. For Heaven's sake, don't feel guilty about finding a moment now and then that has a little joy in it! God knows we need them every once in a while. Anything that lightens a moment, an hour, or 'oh bliss' a whole day, is a blessing not to be ignored.

Living day in and day out in a constant state of grief is debilitating, stressful and frankly dangerous to your health. See if you can find something at least once a day to feel joyful about. Finding that first happy moment may be hard and may feel strange when you've been wrapped up in day after day of sadness, but it's worth the effort.

The first time I let myself have a calm, happy moment, I could almost sense my husband, Mel smiling at me the way he used to, and a little of the sadness dropped away.


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