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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mel & I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together in February of 1968 & got engaged on February 29, 1968-Leap Day.

We had thirty-five years of Happy Valentine’s Days, but I still fondly remember that first one, we celebrated together as a couple. We were so happy! We knew right away that we loved each other.

Unfortunately, I also lost Mel in February-February 23, 2004, to be exact. I miss him a lot, especially on certain days, like Valentine’s Day, Leap Day, his birthday, & our wedding anniversary, all those personal, special days that were important to us.

February is tough to get through each year, but I choose to remember that happy February, when we met, fell in love & got engaged. I choose to remember that, in a world where half the marriages end in divorce, mine was happy & successful. It was truly a case of until death us do part.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mel! I love you!

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