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Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

February 23, 2004-it’s been eight years since Mel passed away & I still miss him so much. Friends have tried to talk me into dating again, pointing out how nice it would be to have someone escort me places.

I don’t need to be escorted anywhere. If I want to go out, I go out, by myself, I don’t need a man to take me places.

I’ve become more independent & self-sufficient over the last eight years & I like it—a lot! I have noticed that the aforementioned friends are all happily married. My widowed friends understand completely why I’m not interested in dating or developing another romantic relationship. I didn’t choose to be single again, but as long as I have to be, I intend to enjoy the freedom to be my own person, independent & happy to remain so.

Each widow must make up her own mind about this situation—to date or not to date. Some want to be married again, others do not. Personally, I’m still in love with my husband & it would be unfair to begin dating with that attitude.

It wouldn’t be fair to always compare a new man with my husband. That new guy would always come up short, I’m afraid. I can’t have Mel back & I don’t want anyone else, so I guess that’s that.

I do intend, however, to get on with my life, doing things I love to do, doing work I enjoy & spending time with friends & family.

I’ll always love Mel & I know he loves me. We just have to be apart for awhile, but we’ll be together again one day.

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