Widowhood Is Not Funny

Monday, September 06, 2010

Another Anniversary

Tomorrow, September 7, 2010, Mel & I would be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary. If only!

I've made it through birthdays, holidays and family events, and each one brings with it is own sadness, memories and longing. But without a doubt, our anniversary is by far the hardest event to get through each year.

I can't say that I dread the date, that's not true. For 35 years, I looked forward to that day of the year. I was one of the lucky ones, a happily married woman, with a loving, caring man at my side. It wasn't a perfect life, married life never is, but we were happy with each other. Fortunately, we had grown together over the years and understood each other and our place in the universe.

We watched other couples, not so fortunate, have serious problems and sometimes even go their separate ways. It seemed to be a world of temporary happiness and throw-away relationships. Yet we endured.

No, I don't dread the date. I remember how fortunate I was to find such a good man, a caring person, a man who made me feel safe and cared for, a man who made me feel loved. For us, it really was "Until death do us part."

Here's to the 35 years of happiness we did have! I love you, Mel, I always will.