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Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Facebook Fan Page

I've just created a new Facebook Fan Page for my e-book. I hope you'll take a look at:
Widowhood Is Not Funny by Alanna Parke Kvale
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A New Beginning

The best advice I could give a new widow, regardless of which stage of grief she's going through is "move forward or perish!" While it's important to go through each stage of grief, it's equally important to not let yourself get stuck in any of them. Grief can become too familiar and even comfortable. It's easier to cry and be depressed because moving forward means more change and effort. We begin to understand the crying and depression, it doesn't require any effort to just stay stuck there; we know what to expect every day. Getting out of bed, dressing and going out means change can happen. We've already discovered that change is painful, so we try to avoid it.

The problem is if we don't allow the change, if we don't get up, get dressed and go out once in a while, we become stagnant. We get stuck in a rut of our own making, a rut that can get deeper with each day, making it that much harder to get out and move forward.

Staying stuck in that rut also means that we don't take advantage of opportunities that may come our way, opportunities that could propel us forward into a new future. We're still so fearful of that future and would love to avoid it altogether, but we can't; we have to move forward or perish. It's essential that we look for that new beginning, that opportunity that allows us to heal, to grow, to find some joy, maybe even to look forward to our future.

Yes, I said look forward to our future. You may feel at first that it would be disloyal to even think of being happy again, now that you've lost your husband. Staying in that rut, being miserable and unhappy doesn't prove your love and devotion to your husband. He, of all people, would want you to be happy again, to find joy in your life, to look for those opportunities that will enhance your life and help you move forward. The happier you were in your marriage, the more important it is to allow yourself to be happy and work on making a new life. You had a rich, solid relationship, something most people only wish they could have, and it gives you the strength you need to start again.

So, pull yourself up, get dressed and go out, find a purpose and start living again. Make a new beginning!

My new book, Widowhood Is Not Funny can help you find that new beginning. It's a guidebook to help you find the joy on the other side of grief. I hope you'll pick up a copy at:
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