Widowhood Is Not Funny

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Great Balancing Act

One of the secrets to getting through this journey of grief is to find balance in your life. Hiding in your home, staying in bed, and refusing to see friends and family is not good for your health, physical, mental or emotional. Wallowing in the grief and allowing yourself constant "pity parties" is not good for you. But going to extremes in the opposite direction is no good either. Many women try to lose themselves in outside activities, such as volunteering, shopping or working nonstop, thinking it will be just the distraction they need. This is avoidance and that's not good either. You can't avoid the grief or distract yourself forever. Dealing with the pain is important, and will actually get you through this journey faster.

This is where the balance comes in. Getting out of your house on a regular basis is a good idea. You need to socialize now and then. Being out of your rut and with other people is good for you. It will help you get through this painful journey, and get on with your life. Getting out will help you avoid so much of the depression that comes with this kind of loss. But know when to say enough, and come home, where you can rest and recharge. Trying to do too much could result in you getting sick, something that's all too easy for the new widow.

Getting out a couple of times a week, to be with people who make you smile, will help immensely. Don't overdo, remember, moderation in all things. Find that balance in your life and you'll discover that you're enjoying life again, looking forward to being with others, and then, let yourself smile.

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