Widowhood Is Not Funny

Monday, July 23, 2012

Just Remember I Love You!

Dreamed about Mel last night. I don’t know if dreams really mean anything or if our subconscious simply spits out what’s on our minds. There doesn’t seem to be anything of significance about the dream, though I do remember being somewhat confused about seeing him: even in the dream, I knew it wasn’t possible that he was really there. But for that brief span of time, I was happy.

I don’t dream of him often, but each time I do, it stays with me for days. I’m happy to see him, but sad that I can’t see him for real. Guess it’s a good thing I can’t just call up these dreams whenever I wish. I might be tempted to do it often and just stay there.

So, I’ll go on with my life, stay busy with work and my goals. But Mel, if you’re listening—Just Remember I Love You!

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